• The Centralised CEIBS Webinar Series
    This page lists all webinars organised or jointly organised by CEIBS during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • CEIBS Junior Faculty Research Workshop
    The junior faculty research workshop was launched in November 2018. The purpose of this workshop is to promote research and intellectual exchange among junior faculty members. The workshop is held on CEIBS Shanghai campus.
    • 研讨会协调员: Professor Che Jiahua
    • 研讨会协调员电子邮件: jiahuache@ceibs.edu
    • 研讨会联络员: Coco Shi
    • 研讨会联络员电子邮件: scoco@ceibs.edu
  • Research Seminars in Economics, Finance and Accounting (EFA)
    The China Europe International Business School holds an ongoing Research Seminar Series in Economics, Finance and Accounting (EFA). The Seminar Series invites domestic and international scholars to present their research papers in the EFA area. The participants are mainly CEIBS faculty and research…
    • 研讨会协调员: Professor Travers Barclay Child
    • 研讨会协调员电子邮件: t.b.child@ceibs.edu
    • 研讨会联络员: Carol Zhao
    • 研讨会联络员电子邮件: zcarol2@ceibs.edu
    • 地点: CEIBS Shanghai Campus
  • Research Seminars in Marketing
    Marketing is one of the essential fields in the business world.  Recent advancements in information technology and mobile applications have dramatically changed the landscape of marketing.  The increasingly sophisticated and well linked ERP system has changed the marketing of B2B solutions, the emer…
    • 研讨会协调员: Professor Park Hyun Young
    • 研讨会协调员电子邮件: hpark@ceibs.edu
    • 研讨会联络员: Klara Zhang
    • 研讨会联络员电子邮件: zklara@ceibs.edu
    • 地点: CEIBS Shanghai Campus
  • Research Seminars in Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management
    The Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management Department holds a CEIBS research seminar series where world class researchers are invited to CEIBS to interact with our faculty members and research associates, with the purpose to exchange research ideas and stimulate knowledge generation.…
    • 研讨会协调员: Professor Wang An-Chih Andrew
    • 研讨会协调员电子邮件: wac@ceibs.edu
    • 研讨会联络员: Grace Chen
    • 研讨会联络员电子邮件: cgrace2@ceibs.edu
    • 地点: CEIBS Shanghai Campus
  • Research Seminars In Strategy and Entrepreneurship
    The faculty members of the CEIBS Strategy & Entrepreneurship Department deliver advanced research-based content in the MBA, Finance MBA, Executive MBA, Global Executive MBA, Hospitality Executive MBA, and Executive Education programs. The department offers a number of core courses and electives…
    • 研讨会协调员: Prof. Guo Wei
    • 研讨会协调员电子邮件: weivivian.guo@ceibs.edu
    • 研讨会联络员: Joanne Qiao
    • 研讨会联络员电子邮件: qjoanne@ceibs.edu
    • 地点: CEIBS Shanghai Campus