This research area is an inclusive and open platform for CEIBS faculty members, as well as scholars and practitioners outside CEIBS, to leverage CEIBS’ alumni network to collaborate and synthesise their insights on China's business, economic, and institutional development from a global and comparative perspective, so as to create new knowledge and promote a better understanding of China and global issues.
主任: Che, Jiahua
This research area investigates the essential question of how businesses respond to the increased expectations onto them to reduce adverse impacts on the society and natural environment and to become a pioneering force for sustainable developments. We aim to become the “go-to place” in China and Asia for the generation and dissemination of cutting-edge knowledge related to sustainability and corporate social responsibility.
主任: Wang, Yajin
This research area aims to explore questions about the positive and negative impact of technology on business and society. We are particularly interested in understanding the frameworks and institutions that firms and governments can create to harness the positive aspects of technology while minimizing its negative impact. While our main focus is on modern technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence, we also encourage explorations into the causes and consequences of prior technological transitions (e.g., the Industrial Revolution), to the extent that they help us understand emerging business practices and social transformation.
The mission of this research area is to create and disseminate knowledge of best practices in the management and marketing of services, to improve service delivery quality, foster service innovation, and enhance service productivity. We define service broadly to include service companies, service as products and servitization of manufacturing. We envision this research area platform to be an inclusive one and invite faculty members from CEIBS as well as CEIBS’ alumni community, scholars and practitioners outside of CEIBS to join our efforts.
主任: Hwang, Yuh-Chang