Having a strong alumni network is key for any world-class business school. CEIBS boasts a large, robust and engaged alumni network with over 25,000 graduates around the globe. Our alumni are closely connected with each other and with the school through their classes and regional alumni chapters, as well as various industry associations and clubs. Inspired by shared values and the school’s motto of “Conscientiousness, Innovation, and Excellence”, they play an important role in creating value and promoting China’s economic and social development.

To date, CEIBS has established 64 regional alumni chapters around the world, providing local alumni with a platform for lifelong learning and personal development. There are 46 regional chapters and 2 liaison offices in China, in addition to 16 chapters located in Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland, the UK, India, Singapore, the Philippines, South Korea, Toronto, Vancouver, the US, Oceania and Africa. In addition, 65 industry associations and clubs have been initiated and founded by alumni in Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen.